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Rural women, agric in Zimbabwe | The Herald

On  the 15th of October 2018, the world commemorated the International Day of the Rural Woman under the theme “sustainable infrastructure, services and social protection for gender equality and empowerment of rural women and girls.”

It is important that along with all the other days which are set aside to recognise women in their uniqueness, rural women are given their own special recognition because they have been previously forgotten in many conversations and considerations.

Generally, women are an important factor in food production and development of the national economy and more particularly, much of the human resource in agriculture in Zimbabwe is formulated by rural women. According to the National Gender Profile of Agriculture in Zimbabwe, rural women constitute seventy percent of household and family labour in rural communities.

Many women within this demographic are unpaid family workers and are often limited to subsistence farming. A view into the agricultural production chain will show that where there is produce for sale, rural women seek to make profit for the sustenance of the family as opposed to personal gain.

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