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ZWLA is an organisation that was formed by Women Lawyers in 1992. It is open to Zimbabwean female lawyers, whether resident in the country or not. Female law students can also join the organisation as Associate Members.

At the apex of the organisation is the Board of Directors, who are voted into office at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for members. Only fully subscribed members can vote or be voted into office.

Benefits of membership

ZWLA watches out for the professional interests of female lawyers and as a member, one benefits from being part of a broad network of female lawyers of all ages who are working in various sectors. Regular members’ meeting take place and provide a platform to network, mentor and be mentored.  These meeting are also an opportunity for members to give input into strategies the organization may be working on, as well as general advise on how the Secretariat should respond to emerging issues affecting programme work, female lawyers and the rights of all Zimbabwean women in general.

As a member, one is also called upon to provide free legal services to indigent women, which is the thrust of the organisation. This provides perfect opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility for female lawyers as they give back to members of the society.

ZWLA members receive communication often, to do with professional development such as job opportunities, scholarships and consultancies. This information is sourced from a wide range of reliable networks.

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions are decided at AGMs and currently stand as follows:

Members- $50.00

Associate members- 10.00

Associate members are those who are still reading towards their first law degree. Women who are working in the legal sector but are not qualified lawyers may also join ZWLA under this category of membership.