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Chegutu rape case client

“ZWLA’s interventions like community education, trainings of the multi-sectoral teams on the referral pathway and training of community legal educators helped save my daughter’s life after a rape incident”. My 5 year old daughter was raped by a 35 year old serial rapist. I quickly rushed her to the police who wasted no time taking down statements and referred me to the hospital. My daughter received post exposure prophylaxis which successful worked as she later tested HIV negative although the perpetrator was HIV positive. Although the perpetrator was apprehended the case seemed to be dragging at the courts and we feared that he would walk free again like he had done in previous cases.  Mai Phathana (ZWLA’s community legal educator) mobilised the community and went to the court carrying placards in a demonstration that  we believed was effective in making authorities take this matter seriously.In no time the case was finalised and the perpetrator was sentenced to 70 years of imprisonment. The case made headlines in the newspapers. My child received counseling and went back to school. She says she feels safe knowing that “bhinyaharidzokikuzondibhinyafuti” (the monster is not coming back to harm me again) and says when she grows up she want to be a lawyer.